Is Toenail Contagious? Important Questions Related to Toenail Infection

Toenail infection due to fungus looks terrible. The area surrounding your nails starts to discolor. It becomes yellowish due to the presence of the fungi. Eventually, it becomes painful and could affect how you walk.

Many people have experienced this type of infection at least once in their lives, but not many are aware that they already have it. They also do not know the right treatment to kill the source of infection. These are a few facts about this type of toenail infection that you need to know.

The infection stays local

You do not need to worry that the infection could spread in other parts of your body. It tends to stay local.

The nails and the area surrounding them could be most affected, but the problem does not go beyond that. However, being unhygienic could lead to the spread of the infection.

Other affected areas

The fungus present in your toenail will remain there. However, it could impact the skin surrounding the nails.

As a result, if you have fungal infections, you could also have an athlete’s foot. Worse, it could be passed on to your genitals or what is commonly known as jock itch especially if your underwear somehow got entangled with the affected toenails.

Your chances will increase with age

Age is a risk factor when it comes to the occurrence of the infection. When you reach 60 years old, you are more susceptible to fungal infections.

Your immune system is not as tough as it used to be. Hence, it is not easy to ward off fungi if they attack your toes.

It can be contagious

You might wonder, is toenail fungus contagious? Unfortunately, yes.

You cannot catch it by talking to someone who has an infection, but it could happen if you live close to this person. It is why fungal infection affecting one sibling living in a bedroom with the other siblings could potentially affect everyone else.

Avoid wearing the socks and shoes of someone you know with fungal infection. When using public shower rooms or gym locker room, it helps if you wear shower shoes.

An injury could cause an infection

When you suffered from an injury while playing a game, you could end up with toenail fungus infection. For instance, if the nails end up separating from the nail bed, it allowed the fungus to take hold.

You will soon notice white and yellow skin surrounding your toes. They are a sign that you already have a toenail infection.

You do not need to worry about having fungal infection. There are even some home remedies available today. Essentials oils, vinegar and topical ointments are among them. You also need to be more hygienic. Wash your clothes regularly and clean your bedroom all the time. Clean your shoes and do not share them with another person.

Even if the infection only affects a small portion of the body, it could be difficult for you to walk around.