Treating Fungus Under Toenail

You might ignore fungal infection at first especially if it does not cause pain. You will see the skin surrounding your toenail to discolor. These are signs that you have an infection. To prevent the problem from getting worse, you need to see your doctor right away.

During the consultation, the doctor will examine your nails. Nail clippings might be collected or the debris from under the nail might be scraped. The samples will then be sent to the lab for testing and to determine which fungus caused the infection.

Oral medication

When the doctor confirmed that you have fungus under toenail, you will be given medical prescriptions. Oral antifungal drugs are available, including terbinafine and itraconazole.

These drugs have to be ingested for the first six to twelve weeks. At that time, you will start seeing your nails grow again.

However, your doctor might not recommend these drugs if you have liver disease or end up with skin rashes.

Cream and nail polish

If you do not feel comfortable taking the meds, you can opt for a medicated nail polish. It helps heal the affected area.

After seven days, you need to wipe out the nail polish you have applied using alcohol, and apply a new layer. You have to keep doing it until the problem is gone.

Medicated nail creams are easy to use. Just soak your toes in hot water first before placing a small amount of antifungal cream.


Some doctors might recommend surgery under severe conditions. It could happen if there are no changes in your body even after taking the medicines.

The process involves permanent nail removal which is extremely painful. It is why surgery is not always the first option suggested by doctors.

Use home remedies

There are items at home that are effective in solving the problem. Vinegar is one of them as it contains acetic acid which could be useful in killing fungus.

You may also use essential oils. Tea tree and oregano are among the most popular options.

You can even combine these two essential oils as they become more potent. Apply them directly on the affected area.

Change in lifestyle is necessary

After suffering from this infection, you need to be more careful with your actions. You also need to be more hygienic.

Avoid sharing your shoes or other footwear with another person. When bathing in public areas like swimming pool wash room or gym locker, you need footwear to protect your toes.

Do not wait until it is late

The problem with fungal infection is not it is barely noticeable at first. You will not even know that you already have one until the skin starts to discolor.

As soon as you realize that you have an infection, you need to see your doctor. Whether or not it is painful, it is crucial that you seek medical attention.

Toenail infection is common around the world, and it usually has something to do with your hygiene. It is easy to prevent the problem.